Parenting hacks, saving money, time and nervous tension

Parenting hacks, saving money, time and nervous tensionOnly if you are a parent yourself, you can understand how dynamic and exhausting life of these responsible adults is. Raising one or two kids is a hard mission, that demands all your time, money and energy. Therefore, I have decided to gather some life-saving parenting hacks, that will make your everyday routine much easier. Check them out:

  • Use colourful crayons for touch-ups on shoes – don’t get angry if the brand new shoes of your kid already need some touch-ups. Be creative and grab some crayon of the same colour to fill the missing shade.
  • Make shoe shopping much easier with this simple trick – shopping with a tearful toddler is never easy nor pleasant. So, make it easier for your child and for yourself! Leave the kid at home with his/her dad. Just trace or stamp his footprint on a piece of paper. If while making the footprint you make a stain on your manufactured carpet, call the local steam carpet cleaners immediately. Take the valuable footprint with you as an accurate measure of the necessary shoe size. This hack will also save you so much time to put on and take off a dozen of shoes.
  • Play dough in a ziplock bag for excellent safety – avoid the huge mess and let your toddler amuse himself / herself with some funny play dough while it’s still in the ziplock bag. This way nothing will be swallowed. No more smelly play dough hands! Think about your house cleaning tasks – they will become much simpler now!
  • Keep bath time safe – Don’t spend a fortune on a baby bath when a cheap laundry basket does exactly the same job. You may put the baby in the basket, then place the basket into the tub for a secure, scream-free bathing.
  • Apply white toothpaste to get rid of permanent markers on wooden furniture – If your little artist coloured far way outside the lines and onto your furniture, don’t get mad, but apply this hack! Just use plain, old, inexpensive white toothpaste and the problem is solved. Squeeze the toothpaste out all over the lines, let it stay for about 5-10 minutes, after that scrub with a moisturised cloth!

I hope that these life hacks will make your life of responsible parent much easier. Find some time for yourself and be а good and calm parent – you can do it!


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