Celebrate Autumn with natural decoration

Celebrate Autumn with natural decorationAutumn is the season of the abundance. You can feel it all around you. There are these golden and red shades on every tree, all kinds of fruits and vegetables in the market and the warmth and the tasty aromas that flow all around you. How to use this in your interior without turning it into permanent Halloween decoration? Get a couple of ideas from here.

  • Chandeliers from branches. Candles bring the idea for warmth and light and make the home cozier. To make them part of the fall interior gather small dry branches. Cut or break them to match the candle size and use glue to stick them together. Shape a circle and decorate it with nuts, leaves or needles. Place the candle inside and admire the effect. Don’t forget to make the DIY chandelier wider than the candle or it may catch fire when it’s lighted.
  • Celebrate Autumn with natural decorationNatural materials. Use the nature. It’s limitless source of materials and ideas. Gather a bouquet from autumn fallen leaves and place them in a vase. Other ways to use leaves is to attach it to sheet of paper and to put it in a frame like picture. For handy people, use the leaves by arranging them in actual pictures. If you gather soft leaves you can even cut them in different shapes.
  • Gourds are functional. Around the Halloween frenzy, the other representatives of the Cucurbitaceae family stay out of focus. Indeed they can easily be turned into interesting accessories around the house. Use their natural shapes or carve them to create unique stuff. They can easily be painted or you can just use their natural colors. To prevent awful stains and the need of expert carpet cleaners, put them always over padding or in a plate or pot because sooner or later they start to rot, especially if you live in a place with high humidity.
  • Change the upholstery. The easiest way to change a room is to spread a cover on couch or bed or to put new carpet. If you choose one of the colors of the autumn, especially in a room with brighter colors, it will automatically turn into a focal point. Also now is the moment to get one of those soft, furry blankets. Don’t worry for the upholstery cleaning. Blankets can easily be washed in the washing machine.

Although Autumn is often related with melancholy for the summer, you can make it different and vivid. Just use what it gives you and make the best of it.


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