The most frequent mistakes when you bring up teenagers

The most frequent mistakes when you bring up teenagersBeing a parent is not an easy task, especially when it comes to raising a teenager which may turn out to be quite a challenge. Although parents strive for close relationships with their kids, sooner or later they enter adolescence and prefer going out with friends, rather than spending time with their families. To deal with teenagers, you need to find the right approach, so that neither you, nor your child feels misunderstood. If you wonder whether you have the perfect touch, take a look at the list of the 3 most common mistakes most parents make: 

  • Not talking enough with your child. Sooner or later, your teenager will look for self-dependence and thus start making his or her mistakes. You’re the one who should minimise the consequences of such behavior. Try to listen to their problems and help them fight their fears. Don’t be too strict and don’t punish them with back-breaking domestic cleaning tasks. You’d better share with them some of the mistakes you’ve made at this age. Show them that they’re not alone in their fails and prepare them to face the world the way it is –  good and sometimes hard.
  • Criticising. The fact that teenagers are already not kids doesn’t mean that they’re assured against hasty actions. You do have to show the teenager the right direction he should lead, but don’t go too far as you may achieve the opposite effect. After all, making mistakes is human, right? Don’t be too tough and show your child all the love you keep inside and I guarantee you that soon your child will accept you as a friend, not as an enemy.
  • Yell to your child. It’s normal to raise your voice from time to time, especially if you live with а teenager. But let’s face it – that’s a primary form of discipline which is not effective. Try to set some rules and tell your kid that’s the right way to have close relationship. Talk to them and try not to use a high tone, explain them what they should know about everything – from carpet cleaning to dating. If you have set rules in the house, once they’re broken you won’t need to yell but, just remind your children that there will be consequences because of that.

Try to avoid the parenting models, described up above! Remember that your job is to bring up a good person who will be a responsible parent one day. Show your children more love and enjoy your life.


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