Makeover ideas for the small lumber room

Makeover ideas for the small lumber roomThere is a small lumber room in almost every house. There you can store various household items. How to make the most of that space and what else you can use it for? Here are some interesting ideas for you:

  • Don’t neglect the lumber room, when it comes to furnishing and decor of the home. If you leave that premise not painted or arranged in the style of the whole house, it will seem that the interior is incomplete;
  • Choose a neutral colour for the lumber room, in case you are not sure what decorating style you want to use. Sandy tones and gray are the ideal decision. Another option is to act boldly and to paint the small lumber room in bright and noticeable color, so it will contrast from the rest. Fuchsia, grass green and turquoise have such effect;

  • The small lumber room can be easily transformed into a mini home office. It is enough to mount a countertop to use instead of a desk, bookshelf on one of the walls. A box of pencils, a nice picture or photo is sufficient for achieving a cosy atmosphere. Why not placing a little fluffy carpet? If you do it, keep in mind that the rug will need regular carpet sanitising;
  • Use the small lumber room for the storage of boxes and jars with food, in case your kitchen is not spacious enough. We recommend you to keep a list on the door with everything you have there, because sometimes you may forget that you have a certain product.
  • Don’t miss the lumber in the domestic cleaning, even if you don’t use that premise for something specific yet. You store there the disposable clothes and carpets? As regards the latter, you’d better look at them once again. We bet you have beautiful and stylish rugs that deserve attention. Choose the ones which you can include in the interior. Maintain them in flawless condition with the assistance of professional steam carpet cleaners and freshen them up;
  • The function of the small lumber room depends entirely on your needs. That room can serve you as a laundry room – if the premise is wide enough, then you can place a washing machine and a dryer.

Most people use the small lumber room for the storage of old things. I advise you to keep all boxes labeled, so you will always know what’s in them. In addition, at least once a year check and clear those boxes, to make room for more items. You need a little imagination and desire and you’ll make the small lumber room a really great place!


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