Is your house haunted?

Is your house hauntedProbably, you’ve heard different spooky stories about ghosts and some frightening events that occur in weird places. Strange smells that come from nowhere? Scary visions, creepy voices or odd noises? It’s not always necessarily about ghosts. Let me solve some mysteries for you:

  • Mystery 1: Drastic temperature changes that happen all in a sudden. That really sounds weird. But what could be behind it? Some psychologists claim that it could be the strong contrasts or different lighting levels. For example, if you have a dark corner in one part of the room and a bright light in another, that could play a ‘trick’ on your mind. That may make a room seem colder than it is for real. You immediately make association with ghosts, and sometimes there’s a perfectly logical explanation. The phenomenon could be caused by lousy insulation which results in cool drafts. If you, however, do believe in ghosts, I guess you will not accept these logical explanations. So in case you think your house is haunted, then you will not want to settle down your life there. Think about removal and plan thoroughly all important details such as end of lease cleaning, for instance;

  • Mystery 2: Doors open spontaneously. Well, your door probably doesn’t ‘breath’ because of paranormal activities. If it is a month between October and March, you can be sure that the reason is the heating system. It evaporates some moisture in the wood and makes the doors contract. So that’s why they become unlatched. In addition, when you open (or close) a door, it raises or lower the indoor air pressure and causes moving of another door. During some humid days, the door will not really close fully. So don’t be surprised (or frightened) when the door opens by itself on the days when the weather is particularly windy. In case you are not convinced yet you may ask your carpenter. He will not only give you an answer but will fix the door, too. If you are used to contact carpet cleaning experts, for example, any time you need their help, then you will agree: it’s always good to trust the professionals.

In the end, you should remember that true haunted house isn’t so common. So, don’t be afraid, if you notice something unusual but think rationally.


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