The most beloved geometric decoration ideas!

Geometric decoration ideasUp to some home renovations or a quick room refreshment? Looking for some original, but affordable decoration style to insert into your house atmosphere? How about the geometry? It is a superb and one of the most common decorating approaches. See the most beloved geometric ideas and get inspired. Bring some of them to your own home place, too, and feel the freshness of the change:

  • The wall. Geometric figures on the wall can make a room look more spacious. For this purpose use angle-styled elements. Choose wallpaper with geometric figures and mix match it with the furniture you have in the premise. Save for the wallpapers, you can make some geometric drawings on the white painted walls, too.

  • The rug. If you do not want the entire floor type to be covered with geometric lines, go for one carpet only. Pick up something more original – oval shapes or rounded blurred forms. Keep the rug always clean and hygienic by hiring maids or by making your own family to take care of it properly.
  • Geometric upholstery. Such a brilliant minimalist furnishing idea will suit your living room space. Purchase furniture set with seats and stools in triangle or square-shaped styles. Rounded armchairs and oval prolonged sofas are also great. Avoid boring colours and look for something more vibrant and dynamic – orange, green and purple!
  • The chic geo bed shouldn’t be even in a geometric form. All you need is to find some fancy bed linens with geo-styled patterns. Quadratus and circles aren’t the only options you have. Get something rarer and nicer such as conception with rhombi, curves and etc.
  • Ultra contemporary mirrors. Mirrors and glass pieces are the most suitable materials you can use, cut and apply as decors immediately. Cut few pieces and hang them on the wall – the reflective effect in the room will amaze you! You can also order them right on the ceiling, too.
  • Bookshelves. Create an entire wall-to-wall home library by using small wooden panels or shoe boxes. Make a stylish geometric giant library in happy nuances and fill with your beloved book series.
  • Install wall, ceiling or floor panels in geometric forms. They will be decors only, so consider if you have enough space. Also, warn your landlord for the renovation since it is not an ordinary makeover. This will guarantee you lack of any issues during the end of tenancy cleaning process.

Geometry is a base in life. Make it a base of your home, too!


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