How to win the battle against autumn cough?

Fight autumn coldsAutumn cough is unpleasant and dangerous because it can develop. But is there something you can do to prevent or sooth the autumn cough? With the lowering of the temperatures and the continuous rains, our body loses its summer energy and our immune system becomes vulnerable. Here are a couple of tips to reduce your vulnerability and to ease the cough:

  • Drink enough (not spirits). When the summer heat is over, many people reduce the quantity of liquids they drink. This affects firstly the mouth and the nose. Don’t stop drinking water just because it got colder. Change the varieties: coffee, tea, hot water with lemon and if you add some honey, it will soften your throat even more.

  • Shower and humidity. Although outside is moist enough, you need to balance the dry air at home sometimes. To ease the cough, you may use steamy shower, it will lose the secretion in your nose and will help you breathe easily. But you cannot live in the shower, right? You can use humidifier for the rest of the home. But be careful not to overdo with it, because you may get the opposite effect – cold and mold.
  • Annual anti-molding. We are all busy and most of us think that it is enough just to keep your home clean. Truth is that people often forget that the dangers are in our own homes. Take time at least once a year to check the hidden spots in your home (basements, bathrooms, northern walls and so on) for traces of mold. Use the post tenancy cleaning or just every year locate the problematic spots and treat them with anti-mold agents. If you cannot think of anything else, bleach destroys mold, but depending on the surface you are spraying, it can cause discoloration and other side effects.
  • Magic herbs. Homeopathy isn’t just an invention of a crazy German. There are herbs and substances that can help with your coughing – thyme, tea from honey and black pepper, lemon (suck it or make warm lemonade), licorice (you can find it even in a shape of candy), ginger.
  • Clean home. You know it looks and feels better, also it’s healthier. Clean your home of dust and any other pollution. Cleaning on regular basis should mandatory include carpet cleaning, dusting and floor washing. On the floors there are particles that get in the air every time we walk around the room, take good care and you may get rid of much more than the cough.

Don’t let a simple disease to become your seasonal nightmare. Autumn has its beauty – the leaves, the rain, hot tea with bourbon, while the sky outside is gray as the heart of a pencil – enjoy them.


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