First days with your love living together – tips

Living with your spouseMarriage and life together only seem to be easy and rosy. Even if you have the most passionate and sincere love, living together might not occur so simple. You will need to make compromises and stay true to your feelings. You will better be honest, diligent and understanding. And if all of these were parts of your relationship up to now, sharing one home place will require even more. Becoming a good housekeeper and keeping the fire and passion must be balanced. Also, never forget that you are still in love, so try to show that as often as you used to do it before. In order to give you some guides, we have made a list of useful tips for the first days with your beloved living together:

  • Do not obsess your spouse. You might be closer than ever now, but everybody deserves some private space. You would be lucky if your house allows it. Everyone could use some private space in a separated room. However, even living in a small space makes it possible. You just need to respect your spouse’s hobbies, interests and desires for some privacy once in a while.
  • Establish house rules from the beginning. Don’t be too rude and control-giving with this. On the contrary. Speak about them like a joke. For instance say your spouse to help you with the domestic cleaning occasionally and you will promise to prepare that stunning lasagna as a reward.
  • Continue with your dates outside the house and keep the fire on. Short walks in the park and getting out for a movie will make you feel as in love as you used to be. Plus – getting outside the house and escaping the routines for a while is healthy for a relationship.
  • Make surprises for your spouse. Everyone loves being loved. And the more you show that, the better for your relationship. Visit your spouse in his office. Bring him a lunch and let him speak about his problems and projects. Meanwhile you can do the office cleaning and help him with the time management at work. He will definitely appreciate that!

As you can see, these steps aren’t hard at all! But they might bring a lot of new positive emotions to both – your house and your life together!


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