Two-bedroom versus three-bedroom homes for rent

Homes for rentToday’s general houses in UK are either two-, or three-bedroom. Both are able to respond to the British family’s needs and desires. Meanwhile, as a landlord both opportunities are super for getting some extra outcome. If you have a small studio or a flat with one room and a kitchen only, the profits will not be that much by all means. The question here, though, is what is better – the two- or the three-bedroom home. There is no exact answer for both – the landlord and the renter. However, by listing you the weak and strong points of them, you may easily decide by your own:

  • Three-bedroom homes are more searched. The market is clear – if you are a landlord, do not make your property a two-, but a three-bedroom one. This will get you the chance to find some decent renters sooner.
  • The previous statement means that the three-bedroom home becomes more expensive due to this search. It means it doubles its price rise due to two factors – the big search and the big space. As a renter with limited budget, this is not a good idea for you.
  • The end of tenancy cleaning is another reason to choose the two-bedroom home. You will have fewer premises to tidy up and sanitise, if you are a renter.
  • Of course, kids are those, who might predetermine your final decision. Though, don’t forget that not every family has too many kids. This doesn’t automatically mean that if you have only one kid, you need to give up from the three-bedroom home. You can use one of them for an office or workshop and the other one – for a guest room.
  • If you are a landlord, consider the constructive work. Can you afford transforming the two-bedroom home into a three-bedroom one? Do not forget to add the after builders cleaning services in your final sum for expenses, too!

The more spacious, the better! There is no doubt about it, when it comes to a home place. Though, sometimes factors and circumstances might make you choose the thinned, but more practical and affordable house, right?



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