Balcony transformed in kitchen – is it possible?

Balcony transformed in kitchenDo you have lack of space in your apartment? Would you like to use the balcony for something worthy as a kitchen? You wonder if it can happen at all? Well, it can. There are already gardens on the roofs, so why can’t balcony handle a kitchen?! Check out our tips and cope with this project:

  • The pre-thinking – Why you want that change? Is it possible (in builders – plumbers way; if you are a tenant, probably not)? Does it worth it (invested funds won’t be little)? Will it be part-time or all-time solution (there are options for summer kitchen)?

  • Size that matters – Is balcony big enough to take all the things you need in a kitchen or it will be something like extra space? This will tell the price of the next point.
  • Cost estimation – Materials, work, time, appliances – the criteria that shows if it’s good idea or not to make such drastic change. Will it be DIY operation or you will hire professional help? When it’s about plumbing and building it’s better this work to be done by experts. This will save you from leaking pipes and next year emergency renovation.
  • Give it trial period – try to cook and prepare food on the terrace for a while before moving it there permanently. Barbeque, surfaces, a counter or two will be enough before breaking the wall and putting pipes through it. If it suits you, than go major and start constructing. Don’t forget to make the balcony regular part of your domestic cleaning; it’s half kitchen now after all.
  • What is the location of the balcony? – Is it near kitchen or bathroom (because you don’t want pipes running in the middle of your hall)? Is it close to the dining room?
  • And what you are going to do with your present kitchen? – will it change its purpose or you will use it for something else? No matter what you decide to do, once you are sure, just do it. When you are done a little help from professional cleaners can come in handy if you have done more than just exchanging the places of couple of counters.

As you probably know, kitchen is one of the top 3 hard and expensive domestic renovations, be sure that it is what you want. And if you have answered to the previous question you know if it is possible or not for your house.


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