House cleaning and progress of science

House cleaning and progress of scienceEverybody knows that technology is progressing with great pace. We’ve all heard about the revolution in IT technology and industry. We are left with the feeling that home is forgotten by science. This actually is not true. Scientists have made great inventions, some of which are quite interesting.

  • USB Vacuum cleaner

This may not seem a surprising invention, but it is very practical. It is a small vacuum cleaner powered by your USB port on your laptop. Remember when you last cleaned your keyboard? Never? Well, maybe it is time to consider getting one of these gadgets. It has a long cord so you can clean the entire desk with it.

  • Self-making bed

Every child’s dream came true. The self-making bed is equipped with two rails on its sides. When you get up from it, those rails pop and gripe the coverlet. A slider on the rails pulls the coverlet evenly on the bed. This way the bed won’t bother you anymore. The bed can’t change your sheets, anyway, a lot of work will be spared.

  • Vacuum ball

The ball is designed as a mobile version of regular vacuum cleaners. It rolls around and gathers the dust on the floor. When its battery is depleted or the container is full, the ball stops and starts to glow. Sounds like a pretty nice invention. If you use it, you won’t have to look for any reliable cleaning services.

  • Cleaning shoes

Designed in Japan, they turn your normal walking into cleaning. Looks very practical to me. Every step you make is a step toward more hygienic home. I will vote with thumbs up for this invention. The shoes have little brushes that will clean any surface. All you have to do, is to recharge them from time to time. Anyway, when it comes to synthetic rugs, the best method stays steam carpet cleaning, you have to know that.

Science progressed a lot for the last decade. Things that were impossible yesterday, now can be implemented in your home. I am curious to find out, how exactly science will surprise us in the future. What about you?


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