Common design errors you need to stop doing

Common design errors you need to stop doingWhether you have just bought your first own house, or you are moving to a next level of your rental life after finding a more spacious house or flat, a huge house arrangement task is ahead of you. Before starting with the furniture order and the decoration process, check on the common design errors you need to stop doing! Probably, some of them were made in your previous living space, so put an end to them and create a really lovely and convenient home space:

  • Over-furnishing a room. It does not matter if your living space is huge or small. Too many pieces of furniture make a premise look really clumsy and ungainly. If you love more things to embrace your domestic atmosphere, better rely on little decors gathered at one place.
  • Overestimating an item. If something does not fit somewhere, don’t squeeze and make it do so. Moreover – if a decor or piece of furniture is too old and has no signs to be restored, forget about it. Everything comes to an end, so give it up!
  • Being an over-clutter bug. Home hygiene is essential and without it no interior will look attractive or stylish. Plus – the cleanliness in a house is equal to a healthy family love. However, being such a pedant and decluttering every single free minute you have or calling the home cleaners every day isn’t necessary. Thus, you deprive your home of life!
  • Extra poor lighting. You will become a victim, if you do this to yourself. Natural light is ok and very beneficial, but adding interesting accents all over a room is a more fascinating and original approach into nice interior design creation.
  • Picking up things indiscriminately. Do you know that, at first you need to choose the wall colour and then, to buy furniture? Also, decide the construction of your house, and then, manage who will get a separated room!
  • Breaking a bank for beauty. This mistake is hugely catastrophic if you live on rent. Yes, you may decorate your house finely and uniquely, but, who will pay the rent afterwards? And will you have enough money to cover the bills or the tenancy cleaning services in the end of your rental?

Beautify your house with authenticity and with your own artistic view. Everything else is boring and could be found in the stores!


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