House cleaning and progress of science

Everybody knows that technology is progressing with great pace. We’ve all heard about the revolution in IT technology and industry. We are left with the feeling that home is forgotten by science. This actually is not true. Scientists have made great inventions, some of which are quite interesting. USB Vacuum cleaner This may not seem […]

Common design errors you need to stop doing

Whether you have just bought your first own house, or you are moving to a next level of your rental life after finding a more spacious house or flat, a huge house arrangement task is ahead of you. Before starting with the furniture order and the decoration process, check on the common design errors you […]

Manufacturers speak of the big carpet maintenance secrets

When you do not have a clue how to treat something, the best way is to turn for an advice from the source. Speaking of this, probably, most of you are still wondering what the best ways of carpet maintenance and cleaning techniques are. We have asked several manufacturers, who are deeply involved in the […]