The dirty hygiene British statistics

The dirty hygiene British statisticsWe need to face the truth and only then, we can correct its negative side! And the truth about British people is that they are not very diligent, efficient and interested in household maintenance. To prove you that we have gathered some really curious and interesting facts about the dirty hygiene British statistic. See them now and consider if you belong to these numbers, too:

  • Bed linen changes. One in six people wash the sheets only 3 times per year. Such a huge mistake in domestic hygiene preservation isn’t only disgusting, but also very risky for their health. As you know, the dirtiness in the bedroom is a factor for pests and allergens.
  • Only 20 % of the male population in UK claims to assist in house cleaning. Plus – these 20% of the “kind and helpful” say that tend to wash the dishes after dinner, probably tidies up the premises and maybe, sometimes, clean the windows from the outside since this chore is very dangerous for a woman.
  • Speaking of males and females in housekeeping, the statistic says that 47% of the couples quarrel about the household chores all the time.
  • And now some good news for the hygiene in British houses – 67% of the families fight the grime and germs at home with green cleansing products only and 85% of the population says that if they know how to, they would replace the commercial products with eco-friendly homemade remedies forever.
  • About 60% of British people say spring cleaning is boring and unnecessary. Though, almost each of them tends to hire professional cleaning company in order to provide some home refreshment at least during the spring season.
  • 66% of British people admit they need to do more about the domestic hygiene, but they don’t have enough time for it.
  • About every 1 in 4 people fails in the afterwards rented property disinfection if he (she) does not hire end of lease cleaners.
  • Almost 80% of the British kids say that they do not feel like cleaning their rooms!

These facts are really frightful and we really hope you don’t do these cleaning mistakes!


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