How to sanitise the country house in 1 hour after 1 year abandonment?

How to sanitise the country house in 1 hourHaving a summer vacation house in the suburbs is a total blessing! No need of booking any hotels with excessive prices and no need to get flights for getting some good resting during the days-off. There is only one inconvenient thing about the summer vacations house, though – it stays abandoned for an entire year and eventually it gets quite dirty till you come on the next year. So, every time you visit your country house for some holiday, you will be burdened with a huge purge task. But this is not on mandatory – especially if you follow our cleaning tips that will help you sanitise the holiday country house in one single hour:

  • Team up the entire family, all your friends and people, who you chose to accompany you. The more working hands, the faster the cleaning process will be! Assign everybody with a concrete task and stay in charge if everyone is doing his own mission.
  • Sanitise and tidy up on opened doors and windows. Thus, you will save time for airing and your abandoned house needs some freshness by all means.
  • Sweep the floor and clean as you go. Pick up dirty objects and in case you don’t need some of them, take it aside or transfer it to basement. Do the same thing with the rug. Put it into your car luggage-carrier to take it to your local steam carpet cleaners, when you go back home. You don’t need a rug during summer vacation, do you?
  • Collect all the kitchen items and appliance you will need for your barbeque and outdoor treating. Soak them in a large vessel at first, so most of the grim will fall apart. During this time, wipe the windows and brush the upholstery with clean cloth and universal non-toxic cleaning detergent.
  • Go back to the dishes and the cooking utensils. Wash them in the sink and proceed with the kitchen refreshment. Change the curtains and the cloths and throw the old ones in the laundry. Proceed with tables and fridge. Sanitise them thoroughly with your favorite home cleaning remedy and finish with white vinegar to remove the bad odour.
  • Remove the cobwebs and deal with the mould around the house. Do it with ammonia and lemon juice and let the liquid stay for at least 15 minutes.

And now, you are finally ready for your massive holiday vacation in the suburbs! One more tip in advance – clear the mess before you leave the house. Thus, you will save some extra minutes the next time you come!


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