New uses of old things

Ideas how to reuse old things

Aren’t you fed up with all those extra things in your house that seem only dust gathering ones?

Don’t you just want to throw them away, but for some you just don’t have the heart to?

Well – there is a way to keep and use them.


Almost every good nowadays comes into a plastic packing. Yes, they are recyclable objects, but also may be money savers.

– Take big liquid detergent bottles for instance. With some creativity, scissors and glue you can transform this average thing into the next lovely toy for your child. Or simply cut the top of it and use as a holder of laundry pins or paper clips. You will find a lot of DIY printable models to cut the plastics straight.

– Old CDs can turn into useful jewelry holders. Simply perforate little holes along the edge, put it on top of the CD holder and voila – your new earrings are perfectly organized.

– Broken parts from the CDs can also be used to glamour up a DIY tiara, or to make your own disco ball.

– Plastic things have inspired great artist for their recycled art. If you do not feel the artistic rush – just colour some plastic bottles, fill them up with sand, get your bowling ball and enjoy the game.


Most of the outdated objects in the house are mainly wooden. You cannot just burn them up. Reuse them, see how:

– Broken wooden chairs can be assembled to become your new garden bench. It will look even better if they are of different style. All you have to do is just even and stick together.

– Imagine your teenager’s broken skateboards hanging from the wall, one under another – doesn’t this make the perfect shelves?

– Always wanted to have a useful garden table – hand made one by piling up some wooden crates, cask or a broken cupboard – you will even have some space for table cloths and utensils.

– Find new life of the baby’s crate, by making it his/her new writing table. Just decorate it or leave him/her do it alone.

Sometimes old is inspirational new!



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