The dirty hygiene British statistics

We need to face the truth and only then, we can correct its negative side! And the truth about British people is that they are not very diligent, efficient and interested in household maintenance. To prove you that we have gathered some really curious and interesting facts about the dirty hygiene British statistic. See them […]

How to sanitise the country house in 1 hour after 1 year abandonment?

Having a summer vacation house in the suburbs is a total blessing! No need of booking any hotels with excessive prices and no need to get flights for getting some good resting during the days-off. There is only one inconvenient thing about the summer vacations house, though – it stays abandoned for an entire year […]

Summer is the right time to repair your water-damaged ceiling

The Irish have said it in a proverb, so it is supposed to be true. Trying to stay on the roof and work will be harder for sure. And staying on the opposite side inside won’t be easier. If water has damaged your ceiling there are a couple of things you can do yourself: Locate […]