Deal with the awful fish smell at any part of your house

Deal with the awful fish smellFish is a popular food across the entire Great Britain. Ordering it daily in the restaurant in order to provide yourself all that beneficial vitamins and minerals of seaside food, though, isn’t something we can all afford. This means fish cooking at home still threatens our living spaces with the nasty and long-lasting unpleasant smell. Don’t stop cooking and eating fish at, if you want to stop its smell, but simply find out how to eliminate it afterwards. See how to deal with the awful fishing smell at any part of your house:

  • When you cook fish in the kitchen, close all the doors at first. This is the easiest way to prevent the spreading of the fish smell across the entire house. No matter how hard it is to stay in a closed premise with that smell for an hour, protect the rest of the premises.

  • Closed doors aren’t enough to preserve the house free of fishing smell. If you don’t want to perform deep and thorough regular home cleaning any time you cook some fish specialty, simply use the vent system. Turn it on, when you start cooking and see if you can improve your home aspiration, as well.
  • Opening the windows and the balconies in the kitchen is also a good idea. Though, make sure you don’t have laundry on the balcony and if your neighbours aren’t around, either. Who knows – maybe, they don’t like fish at all and you do not need to attack them with this nasty smell!
  • When the fish smell has entered your house, use spray deodorising techniques. You can find some really great and eco-friendly products in the supermarket, so see what you can choose at affordable and low-cost price.
  • If you live on rent, the fish smell is easy to be eliminated only if you use the services of professional end of tenancy cleaners. Don’t risk an entire tenancy deposit just because you are a fish lover.
  • Last, but not least, use this simple aroma air cleanser for home. Mix 500 ml lukewarm water, white vinegar – few drops – and 10 ml essential oils. Spread it around and get rid of the fishy smell!

Use this fish smell removing ideas and see what suits you best!


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