How to match young family and white home

White homeThe idea sounds like mission impossible. Somehow many of us can’t imagine small children and clean home, moreover clean and white. But it can be done, may be the maintenance will be a bit harder in the beginning but white is not forbidden colour. Let’s see the options you have if you are part of such family and you want to decorate with this pure colour.

  • Extend of the whiteness. You can choose partial or full room decoration in white. Even one spot is enough sometimes to make this colour stand out. You don’t need to have only white items in it. And besides too much cold clean white can make your home look like surgery.

  • White or whites? If the purpose is to be “white-tie” code room you can avoid sterility with different shades of white, this will bring more softness and warmth to the place.
  • Paint. White walls provide perfect background for colourful furniture letting them be the center piece. And some paints include Teflon that guards the walls from print stains when the kids are touching them.
  • Surfaces – they can be plain or you can put forms on them, no matter the colour according to the light of your room it will make wonderful shades that will make your walls and furniture change during the day.
  • Materials – for the upholstery use fabrics that are easy to maintain and optionally for the sofas and beds use covers that can be washed and dry fast. This will make your regular home cleaning less torturing and time consuming process. This way you will be able to give more time to more important things like your children or your partner.
  • Painted wood – you canuse woodwork everywhere from the bedroom to the kitchen, if it’s painted well or covered in foil it is durable and easily cleaned and if you decide in some later moment to change the colour, you can still use the same piece of furniture in new disguise.
  • Carpets – look for special fabric carpets. To let your children roll, lay or sleep on them without consequences, carpets should be always clean and with less allergens as possible. Nylon is one of the best fabrics for the occasion and if it’s treated with anti-stain products they can stay clean longer. If it hasn’t been treated during the manufacturing, ask the carpet cleaning specialists to apply it.

As people say, scary things are indeed smaller than we see them, so try not to get scared from the opportunity your white sofa to get some “chocolate frosting”. Children learn very fast and if you serve them the rule not to eat on white furniture like game they will get it very fast. Just a little time and practice are needed.


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