Synthetic carpet against allergies

Synthetic-carpet-against-allergies1Allergies are lightly said unpleasant but they are some of the most popular diseases of the humanity. Flowers, bees, certain fruits, even domestic dust can turn into nightmare for some individuals. Can the design and the decoration of the home help to prevent these horrible states when your nose is leaking; your eyes are getting red or even more dangerous reactions? Are synthetic rugs better in prevention of allergies than the natural ones? Let’s see what the experiments and examinations say:

  1. Used materials are harmless. Usually synthetic fibers that are used in carpet manufacturing are nylon and polyester. These fibers are developed in laboratories and are allergy repellants. Two of the main benefits that synthetic carpets offer are inhospitable for allergens environment and that they are nonorganic. But don’t think that this is enough to kill the microbes.
  2. Thread length – the shorter your rug is, the less pollen it will keep and also the thicker the woven, the less allergens can get in it and flow back in the air easily.
  3. Organic materials are less effective in the allergy control. You should avoid them due to the possibility of mould and allergens thriving in it.
  4. Maintenance – because they are non-organic these carpets can take more aggressive cleaning. Best choice if you are allergic though is steam cleaning during your upholstery sanitising process. Some steam cleaners allow abstergents adding, so it can give even better results.
  5. Carpet manufacturing industry develops new fibers every year – they get better, stronger, sustainable to water and sunlight and less and less allergenic. So if you haven’t found your perfect rug 2 years ago, maybe you should visit the market today.
  6. Offending particles treatment – most carpets get such treatment with special chemicals for neutralisation or repellent of the particles. The products that have been treated with less benzene or formaldehyde have label “Low VOC” (volatile organic compound), search for them because in time the benzene and the formaldehyde convert to gas and this can exacerbate the allergies and pollute the air in your home.
  7. No matter the type – synthetic or organic carpets still can contain allergens. The only way to get rid of them is through regular deep cleaning. Carpet cleaning specialists offer sessions that can be hard to perform on your own. Whatever we say, sometimes professional help is the best option – better machines and products and less work and efforts from your side.

The aftermath of this little inquiry is that no carpets prevent allergies on their own but these made of nylon are the most effective controlling the allergies. The only way to keep the allergy away is to choose the carpet wisely and to clean it regularly.


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