Clean kitchen, cozy home

Clean kitchenHome is the place where we feel safe and cozy, house is the place which needs maintenance, and kitchen is the room where we spend most of our time at home. Kitchens in use are the most difficult to keep clean – with all the cooking and serving and hanging around there is always some greasy stain or spilt coffee. Of course being attentive and trying to prevent damages would be the best, but this is not always possible. Especially if there are kids in the house. But of course you can manage. Read on and see below some cleaning tips for those of you who happen to have stone countertops in their cooking and dining rooms:

  • Stone countertops, used at homes are usually made of granite, marble or limestone. Specialists say that granite is good and strong; marble is also very tough but more porous than granite, and French limestone, which is creamy-gold and veining, is more endurable and less porous than the limestone from Greece and the Baltic regions. Those are heavy, long-lasting countertops, for real cooks. Others, less expensive, are made of ceramics, glass and wood. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing one, it is better to look up for what specialists say about all these in order to avoid later disappointment.
  • Worktop surfaces need constant maintenance and careful use if you want to preserve them for as long as possible. All materials have pores through which stains penetrate very easily. “Hard” furniture, as well as “soft” needs careful treatment and cleaning. That’s why sanitising worktops is as important household chore as deep carpet cleaning is for example.  In order to preserve worktop surfaces specialists advise to be sealed. If you pour water and it stays in drops, it means it’s been sealed properly. People often wonder between honed or polished. After all, it depends a lot on the purpose and function the plot will have in your house.
  • Food and drinks are in immediate contact with worktops. It is very important to know that if you react quickly and clean the surface immediately when there is a leak or stain, the chance to leave no trace is substantial. However, there are times when we are not able to react on time and spots are visible – whether greasy hand marks, spilt wine or coffee, salad dressing or fruit juice – they will all need brushing. First of all, be sure to read and have the right information for your surface. Don’t choose abstergents blindly because you might finish up with even greater damages. Acids for example will erode the covering. While fresh coffee spots may come out only by brushing with cloth and warm water, others will need to be dissolved with specific solutions. If you have end of rental cleaning ahead of you and you are not sure what to do, you’d better call and ask someone who is professional and reliable.

If you want your countertop scratchless and stainless, you will need to take measures – protect it as much as possible and learn how to take proper care. And remember that even hard stones need attention.


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