Deposit requirements in rental life

Deposit requirementsRenting a property for settling down and live inside it with your family comes with a bunch of obligations. Firstly, you need to consider the deposit requirements in rental life. There are lots of curious and helpful things you might discover about the tenancy deposits. Read about them right now before moving to a rented property and see if they will suit your own personal requirements, needs and resources:

  • Get aware that tenancy deposits are not equal to one or sometimes – two – rents in advance. Your landlord will definitely ask you to pay a tenancy deposit, but as to the rent in an advance, it is always up to him. Beware that the rents in advance you need to pay might be more than two in some cases – for instance, if you rent the property for a shorter period of time.

  • The tenancy deposit sum is calculated according to the period for renting, the standard of the property – luxury or modest, old or new, and etc. There are ways for you to negotiate about the deposit, but you have no chance to expel this duty from your renting list of obligations at all.
  • Usually, the deposit is given as a guarantee that you will keep the property in a decent and reputable condition. This includes maintaining and cleansing the rooms and the yard. Of course, if you frequently perform one off cleaning, you will be definitely returned the deposit in a full amount.
  • However, sanitising and tidying up are not the only duties you have. You need to keep the gadgets and electronic devices in a proper condition. If you damage or break something in the property, your tenancy deposit will be deducted by all means.
  • There are ways to protect yourself if your landlord does not agree to return your deposit in a full amount or even worse – to keep it as compensation. You will have to start a dispute that usually goes with no lawyers and courts. Though, it could be yet harsh.
  • Make sure you attend on the inventory check after the end of tenancy cleaning. Thus, you will have the facts and the chances to make a dispute.

You will get your tenancy deposit few days – not more than two weeks – after moving out. If you used to be a decent and careful tenant, you will have no problems! So, simply behave yourself in the rented property!


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