How to make your bathtub super clean

Clean the bathtubMy favorite relaxing therapy after a stressful week includes the lovely songs of Sade, my favorite aroma candles, bath soils and lots of bubbles and foam. Having a nice bath is a wonderful weapon against stress and exhaustion. But along with the benefits, your bathtub can get you in a real trouble while cleaning it. Sanitising the bathtub is one of the most obnoxious chores for almost any housewife. And the final result is – not clean enough. How to get rid of any clue of grime and dirt? Check out the tips below and find the easy way to make your bathtub sparkle.

  • Cream of tartar

You have never heard of the wonderful cleaning properties of tartar cream? Then you have missed a lot of easy tricks how to do the one off cleaning. The best solution for bathtub cleaning is to mix cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide until you make a thick paste. Then apply it on the stains and let them dry. Removing the paste goes hand in hand with eliminating the stubborn stains on your bathtub.

  • Salt

If you do not depend on professional cleaning services to make your bathtub super clean, then you should think of your own secret cleaning recipes. Check out your kitchen drawers for ingredients – salt is a good choice for a start. Actually using salt for cleaning bathtubs is well known method. Mix salt with turpentine. Using rubber gloves to scrub the yellow spots on your bathtub and then rinse thoroughly. You get super clean result!

  • Oven cleaner

You cannot deal with the stubborn stains which make your bathtub more yellow than white? No worries! Oven cleaners are here to help you. Spray the stains with oven cleaner and let them stay for a few hours. Then rinse well.  Do not apply oven cleaner to coloured porcelain bathtubs – it may cause fading.

Cleaning of your bathtub has never been easier with a little bit of efforts and more creativity.


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