5 golden rules of kitchen organisation

Kitchen organisationEvery single kitchen is a reflection of its host. This means it becomes quite hard to name you the most appropriate instructions for its order and decoration. Though, if you want to reduce the mess to the minimum, you can use the following 5 golden rules of kitchen organisation. Adopt them in your own kitchen. They will do a really nice job with the entire arrangement – whether you have already made the interior design, or you are about to do it:

  • Keep the small items away. It does not mean you have to throw them away or give up from cooking so healthy rice with herbs. On the contrary, simply gather all of these products and stuffs and keep them in containers. You can even get inspired of some DIY project and test your craft skills to make storage solutions from ordinary things such as shoe or milk boxes!

  • Group and classify. Making different categories of your kitchen utensils, gadgets, food and spices will simplify both – the regular cleaning and the daily cooking. Store them in your own order since you are the one, who will prepare meals and gather the entire family on a dinner here, right?
  • Store things at places you use them. This is a very essential rule and sticking to it, you will find out how tidied up and neat a kitchen can be – even your own one, which you used to see in a total chaos. The technique is easy – simply put towels next to the sink and order the pans and pots right above the oven, for instance.
  • Think about accessible places. Put as many objects as you can put there or use the secret corners for your most frequently used gadgets and appliances. Relying on this trick, you will never end up with a lost cup or spoilt cereals.
  • Declutter on time. Spend at least 20 minutes per day in the kitchen – but not for eating or cooking, but for tidying up. If you are too busy and degreasing or washing the dishes is something you cannot find time for, use professional cleaning services.

Maintain your kitchen in a solid order. Providing healthy environment for this living space is both – recommended and mandatory!


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