Get your porch summer-ready! Cleaning checklist

Prepare your porch for the summerWeather is getting warmer; we enjoy more and more sunny days. It’s obviously that summer is knocking at our door. But you do not want to welcome it on your dirty, messy porch, do you. First impression is really important, as you know. So it is time to clean your front porch and get its summer-ready look. To do this the most effective way, is better to prepare a cleaning checklist that you should strictly follow in order not to miss a single detail. Check this out:

  • Firstly you have to get rid of the clutter on your porch – put all the items that have been stored there for the winter away. Tidy up everything and make your porch look beautiful.
  • Grab a broom and sweep the entire porch area.

  • Sweep around the frames of your front door and the walls as expert cleaners do.
  • If you have a window on your front door or porch screens, take time to clean it with a soft cloth and proper window cleanser. Let them shine!
  • Wipe off all the outdoor light fixtures with soft, damp microfiber cloth. Do not use any chemical detergents  which can leave behind filmy coating!
  • Wipe down your porch furniture using proper tools and cleansers according to the furniture material type. Do the same thing with decorative objects!
  • Clean and remove the stains from your outdoor cushions!
  • Clean the umbrellas – use warm water and soft dishwashing detergent to wipe off the dirt and the mildew. Then leave the umbrella open to dry.
  • Check if your plants need repotting.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company – it’s a really good alternative if you do not have enough spare time to waste it on cleaning your porch. Just ask the company to add cleaning of the porch in the usual house cleaning checklist.

OK, you finally got to the end of your porch cleaning checklist. I guess you’re really tired, but there’s only one more thing to do. Grab your favorite book, prepare your favorite summer drink and enjoy the beauty and the freshness of the upcoming summer days!


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