Treating an old stain for the last time

Old stain cleaningStains are the worst accents in home interior. They come upon your pretentious look and they can never be hidden or eliminated by your critical valuation of the entire home picture. Usually this happens with the old stains. You can’t stop thinking of them, because they always show up and no matter how hard you are trying to cover them with decors or with harsh one off cleaning of the entire room.

They are still there and they are still not removed. Some housekeepers think old stains can’t be eliminated in vain. As a matter of fact, old stains have still chance to be removed – you just have to know how

Treating an old stain may be difficult and quite impossible, but you still can give it a try. See our tips for stain removal and try to deal with for the last time:

  • Organic stains or stains, which are made from food and drinks, can be eliminated with some glycerin. Usually, experts recommend this technique for carpet cleaning, because carpets and rugs acquire what is spilt or dropped. Apply it with some cold water and let it act! Then rinse and see the result. Here, scrubbing and pressing on the stain is allowed. Only fresh stains are not recommended to be pressed and scrubbed harshly. Old stains are already deep in the fibers.
  • Old stains can be removed with some toxins or chemical substances. No matter how hard people are trying to convince you in using only natural cleaning detergents, sometimes you have to make them shut up. Some spots and dirtiness can be treated with strong and extra acidic cleansers.
  • On the other hand, the newest products for sanitising, sterilisation and disinfection in household are bio. To be more specific these cleansers are biodegradable, which means that they fall apart into molecules, when you inject them deeply in the carpet or in the upholstery. Thus, when you steam or vacuum the entire dirtiness – together with the water, ingredients and stains – is out!
  • As a last try you can always contact the local cleaning company. Professional assistance may be expensive, but it is actually the last chance that your Persian carpet or leather upholstery has.

If you succeed in old stain removal, good for you! You do deserve some applause, but if you fail, don’t get disappointed! Maybe, this is the right moment to make some redecorations and renovations at home! Why not a deep one off cleaning too?!


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