5 golden rules of kitchen organisation

Every single kitchen is a reflection of its host. This means it becomes quite hard to name you the most appropriate instructions for its order and decoration. Though, if you want to reduce the mess to the minimum, you can use the following 5 golden rules of kitchen organisation. Adopt them in your own kitchen. […]

Get your porch summer-ready! Cleaning checklist

Weather is getting warmer; we enjoy more and more sunny days. It’s obviously that summer is knocking at our door. But you do not want to welcome it on your dirty, messy porch, do you. First impression is really important, as you know. So it is time to clean your front porch and get its […]

Mini blender for big tasting experience

Electronic gadgets have become smaller and smaller recently. Though, they come with bigger packs of options, features and benefits. This makes life really easy and joyful! Kitchen appliances don’t make an exception here, either. Small and compact kitchen gadgets are the newest hits for the newest housekeepers, who prefer to invest in some home improvements […]

Treating an old stain for the last time

Stains are the worst accents in home interior. They come upon your pretentious look and they can never be hidden or eliminated by your critical valuation of the entire home picture. Usually this happens with the old stains. You can’t stop thinking of them, because they always show up and no matter how hard you […]