How to bring France and romance at home

French interior designIt is difficult to arrange a home with a flavor of lightness, a sleek line of elegance and a sense of comfortableness. Sometimes, people cannot determine what exactly they want for their home interior design until they see it complete in the house. However, there are styles and approaches into home arrangement and decoration, which are simply the best.

They are so attractive and impressive that you do not need to have a clue what the effect will be in the end, because it is totally sure that it will be magical and impressive.

French home air, for instance, is magnificent and lovely! It is devoted to romantic atmosphere and it is definitely quite convenient – after all, French people, really adore snugness, delicious tastes and pleasure.  See how to bring France and romance at home and create some charming environment with harmonious mood in your house:

  • Cute bistro setting in the corner – French provincial life will get you an extra charm into your kitchen, dining room or living room. All you have to do is to empty a small area next to the windows. Cover the windows with sateen or old-fashioned curtains with floral motives and arrange a coffee table from wood with vases, tea sets and old photos. Don’t forget to decorate the chairs with cushions!
  • Put an accent on the romantic lines in the interior with light nuances – choose pink furniture, paint the walls in pastel purple and emphasise on the coziness with pure white, silver and light yellow decors all around your house, including the sweet little entrance.
  • French romantic decors are natural and eco – besides the fresh flowers, you need to pick up wooden cabinets, tables and chairs. Then, combine them with fine linen or nice cotton in the center and the corners of the room!
  • The kitchen is welcoming and busy – the dynamic air is contrasted to the light motives and neutral colours such as beige, reseda and blue. Decorate with retro items – wall clocks, knitting, craftsman, seaside souvenirs and patterned textiles!
  • Relaxing in the pretty sitting area – French people enjoy resting and chatting with friends over a warm cup of coffee or a nice hot alcohol drink. You need to put an accent to this habit, too. Create a comfy area with a convenient sofa and a set of little stools around a sweet glass table! Make everything look ordinary and traditional and skip the vanguard decors!

Always warm the French interior design at home with a plate of croissants or a bottle of nice, red wine!


One thought on “How to bring France and romance at home

  1. I could go a touch of French dining with a glass of red in a stunning French home – I can dream hey!!
    French style is beautiful, full of charm, decorative and visual. The furniture speaks for itself creating real features in a space. Be it rustic, simplistic elegance or all out glamour the French do it well. Its all about home living, family and friends and making a house a home.

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