Energy diet for your home

Energy diet for your homeEvery small detail matters when it comes to energy bills. So check what appliances you use at most and which ones spend lots of energy. Note that about 11% of the total amount you pay every month is due to the cooking appliances, and between 17 and 20 % – due to the lighting in your home.

Does your house need an energy diet? If it does, there are some advices for you:

    • Warm or cold? – One of the problems that affect the bills during the winter is that sometimes people do not know whether it is hot or cold. And they turn on and turn off the heating appliances. You should know that each degree of temperature change costs between 3 and 5% of the monthly bill. In the cold months, the ideal temperature for a room is about 21-23 degrees.
    • Try to buy appliances with energy class A, because it is the most economical. Despite that, do not forget to switch them off when they are not in use. The “standby mode” seems harmless, but its common use also affects the final amount of your bill.
    • Regularly clean the air filters of the air conditioner to work without unnecessary difficulties. Think about the fridge, too. Instead of opening it in five minutes, decide in advance what you need and pick up all the products of th
    • Use pots and pans with a flat bottom. If by the time they got any “bumps”, they will spend 50% more energy than needed.
    • Observe the size of the vessel with the size of the stove. So you could save up to 25% of electricity.
    • Switch off the hob and the oven a few minutes before you remove the dish from them. So you save energy and at the same time you are still cooking.
    • Remember to turn off the lights when you leave the room. It is recommended that you also use a stronger light instead of two weaker ones.
    • Unplug the charger of your mobile phone if you do not use it.
    • Do not hold the heater constantly on. It is a myth that after it warms up and turn off, the appliance doesn’t waste electricity.

  • Don’t turn saving energy into mania!

Most of the tips that you have read, are known and commented repeatedly, but do you apply them really?


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