Types of landlords you can meet

Types of landlord you can meetIn case you are thinking over the idea of living on rent, it could be good for you to learn about the different types of landlords you can meet. Read about the most common personalities that can either drive you crazy, or become friends with you. Prepare in advance and make the right decision for living finely and comfortably:

– The brawler. Whatever you do, he will not be pleased with you. You can be the cleanest person in the world, but you will never fit in his standards. You may never have parties at home, but somehow, your landlord will hint you that the neighbours claim you are too noisy.

– The guy you know
. This is the best alternative of a landlord. He knows you and he will never expect from you things you usually do not do. On the other side, be cautious! As you know, it is a rule not to make business with friends. Well, the deal here is quite similar.

– The careless landlord. Ok, probably he will have no remarks over your tenancy life. He will not care how you live and what you do inside his property. Though, he may actually not care at all! What about if the washing machine breaks? And even worse – what happens, when the walls begin cracking and falling apart? Well, nothing. He will not do or say anything again.

– The nice fellow. Whatever you need or whatever you are concerned about is his personal problem. You want a renovation? He will get it for you or at least he will reduce the rent amount, if you manage the entire home improvement project. Such people, though, may become annoying, because they will even try to get into your own personal business.

– The detailed and pretentious landlord. He will squeeze you to death during the examination after the end of lease cleaning. Usually, these people are scrooge and they want to get as much as they can from you. Why not saving the tenancy deposit for themselves? Well, they can always find a small spot on the oven to mutter about!

– The owner. He is very pedantic to his property and everything that is inside it. It is even a miracle that this guy has given you his house on a rent. Every little plate and every single corner from this property means more than a lot for this landlord. Probably, he will make you hire professional tenancy cleaners, because you are not skilful and diligent enough to maintain the house in a perfect hygiene and neatness!

Watch out and make sure you choose not only the right tenement, but also the right landlord!


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