All the cardinal rules for hand-knitted carpet

All the cardinal rules for hand-knitted carpetChoosing the right carpet for a room or particular interior conception might become quite difficult. The market gives you a possibility to review hundreds of styles, types and materials. This may either confuse you, or you make you slip up in your selection. What is really important for you is to remember that the look of the carpet is not the only thing you should consider. Think over factors such as matching it with your interior, hygienic maintenance and of course – the overall appearance of your house. In case you have decided to get a hand-knitted carpet, check on all the cardinal rules about it:

  • Hand-knitted rugs are not common accessories you can combine with regular furniture or home items. It is very important for you to appraise if it will suit your interior. Let us give you a simple example – a hand-knitted carpet will not match a modern design such as minimalistic, vanguard or high-tech one. Though, it will look amazing on a classical conception.

  • The most appropriate home styles for a hand-knitted rug are provincial, retro, Vintage and New Renaissance if you are ready to improvise and add some bold ideas to your home appearance. These interior designs are quite easy to be matched with all kinds of hand-knitted carpets.

  • The best colours for a traditional hand-knitted carpet are light, soft, probably pastel and neutral. Earth tones, as well as classical white, beige, grey and black, are the perfect choices. In a combination with the romantic and cozy look of the hand-knitted carpet conceptions, these types of rugs will put a new layout in your house.

  • How to match it? You should not worry, when the moment for matching the hand-knitted carpet and the rest of the items in a room comes. Frankly, you can make combinations with traditional upholstery and even leather furniture – of course, in white or beige – as well as with original lighting systems and cute decors.

  • Delicate carpet cleaning is the right treatment of the hand-knitted carpet. We strongly recommend you not to put the rug into the washing machine or to use ordinary techniques that include moisture approach, harsh and toxic detergents and lots of pressure. On the contrary – these carpets require sophisticated and refine solutions – if you want to preserve them for longer.

  • They might look quite durable, but hand-knitted carpets are actually very frail. To avoid damages, tears and carpet ghosts, do not put heavy object on them – especially if you live on rent. During the end of tenancy cleaning these injuries will really impede you! Keep in mind that hand-knitted rugs are made for decoration, not for heating or for covering other home defects.

As an end, we would like to tell you that choosing a hand-knitted rug is a super way to establish an eco-styled interior. Made by hand, it is a typical alternative, when you choose the handmade instead of the boring manufactured products.


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