How to clean your carpeted stairs

Carpeted stairs cleaningPutting carpeting on the stairs is a certain way to make them look good. It also makes them safe, especially for older people or little children. The atmosphere at home becomes cosy and nice, doesn’t it? But stair carpeting is quite hard for cleaning and maintaining.

Keep that in mind before you decide to “decorate” the stairs in such a way! Here are some helpful techniques and tricks about sanitising stair carpeting:

  • Don’t use any harsh bleaching detergents! You can damage the carpet very easily. Repairing it afterwards could be very difficult;

  • Keeping your carpet clean is of great importance! So never let your guests to come into your home with their shoes on;

  • To start sanitising you have to find a stiff broom. You will remove all the large pieces of debris and dirt with it. If you begin cleaning from the top of the stairs, you could gather the small particles at the lowest step;

  • After brooming, you must vacuum the carpet. Vacuum cleaners are quite good against dust build ups. The new models of vacuums are even more effective. You must start from the top of the stairs and finish on the lowest step, just like it is with brooming. It will be good if you use a hose attachment or any attachment which is suited for the corners of the stair. There is more dust at the corners, as you probably know;

  • And there are the stain removal techniques. You could buy a carpet shampoo or make one by yourself. The recipe is really not difficult. Get a bucket or a large spray bottle and mix the following: baking soda, liquid soap (colourless or white), hot water, an essential oil (you choose the aroma), white distilled vinegar. Start carpet cleaning from the top. Go on step by step. Apply generously. If it is necessary, use a scrub brush. Afterwards you must dry the carpet! Choose from these ways:

  1. Get a dry/wet vacuum cleaner and remove all the water;

  2. Take some highly absorbent towel and dry the carpet;

  3. Let the carpeted stairs dry for at least 12 hours.

To make sure you have sanitised the carpet in the best possible way, it is not a bad idea to vacuum it once more. But the fastest and the best way to do this chore remains the professional carpet cleaning.


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