How to make your home look bigger

Home looks biggerDo you want to have some more space at your home? Surely, it will be more comfortable – for you, your family and guests. But unfortunately, there is only one way to expand the house for real – the general repair.

It requires much time and money. If you don’t have enough of them right now, it’s obvious you can’t do such an investment. So count on some magic! Well, we’re actually talking about some clever optical illusions. Don’t you think they could be quite effective and impressive?

If the answer is “yes”, check out these 5 tricks below:

  1. Throw away everything unnecessary – when you do your domestic or one off cleaning, decide which things of yours will never be useful again. Don’t hesitate to get rid of them. It will “open” some space for your favourite possessions. This will even allow you to take a pet, if you want;

  2. Mirror surfaces – place some mirrors on the walls. Or select sections and wardrobes with built-in mirrors. Mirrors are really suitable for small places;

  3. Bright colours – Don’t you think that the bright colours in the interior are somehow more pleasing and fresh? They also create a suggestion of more space in the room. On the other side, figure motifs, dark colours do exactly the opposite. So if you like brown, for example, and you want to paint the walls in that colour, keep in mind that it will make your place look even smaller than it is;

  4. Transitional rooms – The open spaces are always preferable. If there is no wall, you can navigate more easily from room to room, from space in a space. Sounds like your place is really spacious, right?;

  5. Choose multifunctional furniture – a bed that turns into a sofa – this is a classic solution to the problem of insufficient space. Select folding table, chairs for your home … the proposals of the companies have become more interesting and more rational, so you can safely enjoy.

We hope these tips will be helpful for you. But we also realise that if you wish a bigger house or someone is always complaining about the size of your home (which is pretty awkward), we didn’t give you a decision of the problem. So if it’s like that, our only advice is to be patient. Do not give up on your dreams – anything comes with its time!


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