Ultimate reminders for home cleaning

Reminders for home cleaningBesides hating it, people also forget about home cleaning. It is very common for them to realise that the house needs some refreshment and overall washing, when the situation is already too observable and unpleasant. Though, this is neither healthy, nor optimal. First of all, you will lose more time, energy and money in performing deeper and thorough purges than in executing 1 or 2 household chores per day. Second of all, once you abandon your living environment in dirtiness and dust, the bacteria find their heaven.

Then, the removal of germs, allergens and pests becomes really harsh – sometimes even impossible. In order not to forget your house and to treat it properly, you need to be reminded occasionally.

See our suggestions for ultimate reminders for home cleaning right away:

  • Reminded 1. Every time you feel bored at home, look around! Why doing nothing, when you can do something useful? Grab the sweep, sanitise the floor and if you are still interested to proceed, disinfect the bathroom! So, connect the boredom at home with housekeeping chores.

  • Reminder 2. The changes of seasons may be also great reminders. Besides the common spring home restoring, you can do a purge before the winter holidays, during your summer period of days-off and once the autumn leaves fall down.

  • Reminder 3. Your personal life. Looking for a property to purchase? Then tidy up, because tenancy cleaning may be needed soon. Dreaming of a promotion in the office? Well, start being more creative and diligent by practicing with hard work in household maintenance. Wondering why your girlfriend left you? Well, look around – you must be not good enough in clearing the table or making your bed every day!

  • Reminder 4. Your pet is in his “hair period”. We mean that period, when your cat literally leaves its entire fur anywhere it lays down. This probably means you need to do a deep carpet cleaning, wipe the upholstery and check out if the floor needs some sophisticated treatment.

  • Reminder 5. The last time you can remind yourself degreasing the oven or scrubbing the stains from the furniture was averagely last year! O, come on! This definitely means you need to book professional cleaning service for some top-to-bottom procedure!

No more excuses or delays for household maintenance! Think well and realise, when your living place needs you!


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