Bring nature to you – make a balcony garden

Balcony gardenAre you the type of person, who doesn’t have any time to go to the village? Always busy, but always wanting to have fresh vegetables and fruits on your table. You have an important condition for them – to be “ecologically clean”. This is so popular term today. Of course – everything natural is the best ever – it is not a secret for anyone.

And here is our idea how to bring the nature to you – make a balcony garden! It’s not as impossible or hard as it sounds. You should have a balcony, some seeds, some pots and a desire… The size of the “garden” depends on the size of your terrace. The bigger – the better. Maybe you prefer flowers than vegetables. In both cases your terrace will become more beautiful.

  • Place some natural soil – you could ask consulting sellers in floricultural shops, when you buy it. Explain what exactly you need soil for and they will recommend the appropriate one;

  • Plant the seeds according to package directions;

  • If your balcony is not so big, save some space by placing pots on some special stands;

  • If your terrace is closed, you could make something like a small “glasshouse”;

  • If you isolate your plants good enough, they will not freeze, independently on the weather outside;

  • Get creative – decorate your improvised garden with some natural stones (for example) or shells.

Bio products in the supermarket are too expensive. We think that having a garden is the better option, which allows you to save some money. It is a possibility to make your balcony an unique place, too. Just a little of your time every day is enough to take the needed care for your plants. After you finish with their planting and arrangement, it remains only the duty to water them regularly. See how they will grow up, thanks to your work. That’s way you will be able to eat fresh vegetables during the whole year, or to have fresh spices for your meals. Remember that some cultures require spraying with detergent against mildew – like tomatoes.

The balcony garden could inspire your guests, friends and even neighbours. It will make quite different appearance of your home. Once you do it, you will love it.


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