The worst Saint Valentine’s Day ideas you have to forget about

Valentine's Day mistakesSaint Valentine’s Day is near and if you want to present your love appropriately and originally this time, you need to hurry! If your better half has some really deep feelings to this romantic holiday, you will have to do your best, because the gentle soul becomes even gentler on the 14th February!

Try to think of the sweetest, but not the most banal conception for your intimate celebration of the big Lover’s Day! This is the day, when no mistakes are forgiven just like that. And no matter what you have planned, do not do anything of these – the worst Saint Valentine’s Day ideas:

  • Horror movie series marathon – either in the local cinema hall, or at home with a bunch of beers and junk food, this is everything else, but not romantic! Which woman in love wants to share her deepest sensation on a background of cut-off fingers, creepy kids with harsh childhood and hobby to kill or aliens?

  • One-day vacation in your regular destination – you may both love to go sightseeing or visiting the woods and sleeping in tent, but this is not a unique and nice idea for the Saint Valentine’s Day! Forget about your ordinary place to relax, too! It is 14th February for God sake!

  • A ring for a gift – before doing that, think wisely if you want 2 kids, 1 dog, a small 2-floor house in a decent neighbourhood, serious and regular job! You know what we mean – the ring is a proposal and on the 14th of February it sounds very certain!

  • Anything with a label – labels and price tags are strongly forbidden on the Saint Valentine’s Day! A shirt from your local boutique store with a discount or an average restaurant with a price list on its entrance is really bad, bad, bad idea!

  • Fitness subscription – come on, can you really be so rude and make your girl such a gift that directly says to her “You are fine, but you can be better without these extra 10 pounds on your belly!”?


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