Factors that destroy the carpets at home

Factors that destroy carpetsCarpets and rugs are back in the high interior design fashion. The art of beautiful and aesthetically nice home furnishing introduces the carpets again and they are in our lives and domestic atmosphere once again! It was back in the days, when we were laughing at our granny’s house, but today we also like and want them for the house or the modern apartment.

In order to preserve the lovely carpeted living environment splendid for longer, a good care for the carpets is needed. Though, the perfect maintenance is never enough.

You need to go deeper and find out the factors that destroy the carpets at home:

  • Harsh retention – usually it is applied on the texture surface of the carpet. The most common reason for that is the location of the carpet – on a high traffic area. This area may be various – next to the doors and the entrance of the home place, in places, where your kids love to play and everywhere that your feet love to stay. To avoid the wastage of the carpets in these areas, put some area rugs and save some money for professional cleaning services!

  • Too much flattening – once you start vacuuming the carpets too much, they will lose their amazing fluffy surfaces. Some carpets are charming just because of this reason – because they’re soft, fleecy and feathery. On the other side, the crushing of your carpet may be also caused by a heavy object leaned upon it! The famous carpet ghosts – you know them very well! Put some silicone cut-offs above the objects and protect your carpet from the pressure!

  • Too much cleaning – constant carpet cleaning is not recommended, either. No matter how great you think that the professional cleaning is for your rug, actually, it is not. Even if the expert cleaners work with natural cleansers, the regular processing is bad for the texture and the material of the rugs. Twice a year is super nice for your carpet. During the other time, you may just support it hygienic and shining with less drastic methods!

These are the most widespread reasons for destroying of your favourite carpets. Comply with them and everything will be fine!


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