Draw some pictures on your windows with special spray

Window drawingsFinding the best way to decorate or refresh your home isn’t so hard anymore. On the other side, it is now even obligatory to hire some specialist or interior designer to assist you. You can easily make your own DIY project and get the desired results in no time and with little budget sum of money.

Today, we would like to offer you a super idea that can change the entire view of your house – from the inside and from the outside. If you wonder how this is actually possible, just draw some pictures on your windows with special spray.

See our super ideas for inspiration and read carefully the tips for a stunning ornamenting:

  • The very first thing you have to do is to determine the “canvas” for the artistic project. Find a wide and large window with no crack or scratches to present your masterpiece. If you are not that keen on drawing, use the little French windows at home and just add some life with curves, smiley faces or flowers.

  • Buy a special spray from home stores or markets with household goods. Listen to the consultant attentively, when he explains to you how to apply the tool. Some products are meant for indoor decoration only, but others are durable enough to stand the climate conditions such as rain and snow.

  • The easiest thing you can do is to frost the glass and make some really cute and splendid thematic after Christmas decoration. Later, you can also add illuminated lightings and get some cheerful spirit for December holidays.

  • Involve your kids into the drawing and let them add something from their delicate souls in the interior design of your house. It may not be the biggest and the most attractive piece of art, but it will be sincere and real intimate to your own domestic atmosphere.

  • Draw what you feel, because this is what drawing is about. Represent your most fascinating memory or place the symbols of your dreams on your home windows!

  • Picture something that matches either your living environment, or the inside surrounding. For instance – deeply blue skies or colourful patterns that combine with the furniture, seaside landscape or pets you can never afford for real in your little home place.

Window drawings are inventive and creative! They make a whole new world for your house and it seems to be more alive than ever.


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