How to be a funny and cool mom

How tio be funny and cool momBeing “cool” is a quality that all kids want and look for. Even though that sometimes children go too far with that, this is something you can’t just let go without thinking about. After all, this is childhood – if something isn’t funny or great, it doesn’t appear in their consciousness.

That’s just their psychology. By the way, kids want their parents to be cool and funny, too! See some tips and expert pieces of advice that will teach you how to be a funny and cool mom:

  • Don’t underestimate the communication – psychologist’s recommendations and family consultant’s elucidations about the importance behind talks between kids and moms are important. The ability to speak with your kid about anything is the first step on the way to your transformation into a cool and funny mother.

  • The awkward questions and discussion – there are specific themes that may make your kid feel embarrassed and ashamed to speak about with you. If you want to overcome the distance between the two generations and you are ready to do everything you can in order to predispose your kids, just be their friend. Show some interest in your kid’s gang, talk about love and relationships and laugh at their jokes! The admonitory voice isn’t very appropriate here.

  • Give them inspiration and reward them – on occasion to encourage your kid shouldn’t be missed and giving simple examples for common life situations must be done very carefully and in an easy manner.

  • Find your way to compensate for lost time – nobody is trying actually to tell you that you need to be a jobless mommy and stay only at home for your kids. Anytime you have a moment, when you are constantly kept in the office by business, make more calls with cool greeting “What’s up, fellow? How was the awful school today?” or write your kid an e-mail! Social internet communication, by the way, is contemporary kids’ way to express their feelings.

  • Keep the balance – you may be cool and friendly with your kid, but you are still his or her mother. So don’t lose the respect and the admiration to you! You are still a model for your daughter or son! Some strictness or sternness isn’t a bad thing!

And if you are a mom, being prudent in healthy meal preparation, buying awesome products and being perfect housekeeper that never skips carpet treatment and cleaning aren’t enough! These things are great, but they are not making you a funny and cool mommy! Never forget that you were also a child and you used to have issues with your parents, as well!


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