The Christmas story of 3 traditional customs

Christmas treeThe most sincere and charming things about Christmas are the traditions and customs of this holy holiday! Preparation, decoration and of course, celebrating Christmas in a particular way wasn’t as similar as it is today. Of course, most of the customs today have been changed, but some of them were equal even centuries ago.

Read more about the Christmas story of 3 traditional customs. They are the most appreciated today and they used to be obeyed in past, too:

  • The Origin of Christmas Tree – is there anyone that can actually imagine the Christmas holidays without a Christmas tree? It must sound absurd to have festive mood in winter and go without the decoration part and the symbolical tree. The truth is that this is not a whim from today’s modern and fashionable commercial world. The story of the Christmas tree begins back in the Roman epoch. In the beginning of Christianity, Rome rulers had the harsh task to recruit thousands of pagans. The first stem they made was to associate Christmas with the Saturnalia cult. On the other side, several cultural pagans’ traditions were transformed by the church, which gave them
    Christian symbolical meaning. And these customs came into the Christian culture, too. Pagans really worshiped the conifer trees and they even used to bring them at home and decorate them. The Church decided to introduce this custom with a Christian symbolic and show the pagans that they also carry the Christianity.

  • The Origin of Christmas Presents – going to a Christmas party without presents or leaving your family without festive gifts is as equal as a religious sin. In past, Christmas gifts appeared before the Christianity. In pre-Christian Rome, the emperors set a custom according to which all the despised citizens had to bring presents and gifts to the Empire during the Saturnalia (in December) and during the Kalends (in January). When Christianity came these two festive periods were transformed and transmitted into the Christmas period. That is how the traditions have saved, too, and today we also bring presents and gifts just like the pagans used to!

  • The Origin of Santa Claus – today, we know him as the generous papa in red, who comes every Christmas with enormous sack of presents for kids. He visits malls and shopping centres, he comes from the chimney and he loves the docile children a lot! The original Santa Claus has a similar personality. In the beginning he was an extremely generous bishop, who worshiped kids and who believed that they are the most sincere and valuable pieces of the world. He also gave out presents to kids and he also visited homes to see how the little kids are. His name was Saint Nicholas and in the name of his noble mission, the church has proclaimed him as the patron saint of kids.

They say there is a little bit truth in every myth. These old customs and religious rituals prove this statement, too!


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