Restoration of old furniture in your home

Restoration of old furnitureNo matter how trendy and stylish is your home, each of you keep an old piece of furniture in your home. Usually it has sentimental value and it does not fit to your interior, but something in you does not allow you to throw it in the trash.

Here are some tips on how to combine functionality, style and numismatics in your home, using restoration of the old home furniture:

  • Revive the old furniture: First of all, you need imagination and determination to restore your old furniture. The easiest and most familiar option is to tape the old furniture with foil. You get new furniture for less money, and it does not require much effort. Another option is to renew old furniture by “stamping” it with stickers. The stickers can be in the form of animals, landscapes, flowers or whatever you want. Another known method is reupholstering. For this it’s better to contact with a professional. Sometimes, you just need to repaint the old furniture, in order to refresh it. Bet on more vivid colours.

  • Ideas for old furniture: The problem is not always in the old furniture. Sometimes it is in the wrong location or destination. Some furniture acquires a completely different look, if they are moved to another room. An old chest can serve as a shelf for lumber in the closet or library in your office. Repaint it; put different coloured items and it will have a new look. The old bedside table can also be multifunctional. Tape it with a foil, remove one of its doors, and now you have a small library. You can also use it as a bathroom cabinet in which to put all the necessities for a relaxing bath – towels, candles, aromatic salts and etc.

  • Additional advices: Paint the old dresser drawers in colours you prefer; dress the shabby stool with colourful new cover and sew pockets on both sites; turn the old chairs in a comfortable bench for the garden or terrace.

In defiance of all common standards for style and furniture, don’t throw your old one out. Restore it, so that your home will carry the spirit of the old times. So, you will be the owner of a unique thing that nobody else can buy even from the most expensive furniture store.


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