Keeping your laundry room neat and compact

laundry roomDoing the laundry is an ordinary chore of human everyday life. It is a universal way to maintain your house and yourself always fresh, clean and beautiful. Laundry should be performed and organised properly and practically. Creating a separate laundry room at home is a super idea to organize this essential part of your lifestyle. With the following original conceptions and designs you may easily build up a creative and functional laundry room. Check out also how to keep your laundry room neat and compact:

  • With some construction and assistance from your husband you may arrange an in-built laundry premise among the columns or walls in your house. You need just a small space for your washing machine and a cabinet to store the laundry equipment. Just to mention, if some building tasks are expecting you, don’t forget to manage the one off disinfecting later! Afterwards sanitising is mandatory.

  • Using a spare room for a laundry is, though, the easiest way to achieve your mission! However, maintaining a small laundry room in a big kitchen isn’t fatal, either. Free some cabinets and find a big basket for the dirty piles of clothes! Arrange them next to the washing machine and store the detergents, softeners and powders.

  • Store the washing products in transparent vessels – labeled jars, for instance. Thus, you will always know when you are out of cleansers. Let us remind you that washing powder isn’t needed only for doing the laundry, but for many other chores from the domestic regular cleaning schedule.

  • Find a practical storage solution – a kit with minor sewing repairs, duplicate items for clothes, products for shoe care and your secret homemade stain removal products. Use a cottage-styled basket or an old shoe box.

  • Make a divider for the laundry – original shelves or transforming cabinets can easily separate the underwear from manufactured textiles or delicate and natural clothes. Doing the laundry is easier, when you divide the different types of materials for different type of washing and machine rate.

  • Add a small notebook in the laundry room for making a laundry task list – write down a schedule for the laundry or a notice not to forget buying some cleaning product!

  • If you have additional spare space in the laundry room, fill it with a drying hang or an extra place for the shoes – they do need some washing and maintain, too!

If you want to be always attractive and clean, start with little things such as proper laundry and properly organised laundry room at home!


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