8 things you can hang in the dining room for makeover

Dining room makeoverWhen it comes to the dining room, most of people imagine what is there on the table. Few people will make an association with the hanging decors in the dining room! Although, if you want everything in your home to be perfect and stylish, constant domestic regular cleaning performance and nice meals aren’t enough! See the 8 things you can hang in the dining room for makeover:

  • Sturdy iron shelf with candles – each evening you can have a romantic dinner without even leaving your home place! Energy-saving mission is also accomplished by using this original technique for dining room decoration!

  • Contemporary glass or crystal chandelier – it brings some royal and aristocratic air into a traditional and boring dining room. Combining with some wall lighting system, you can put accents on the different sides of your full course menu!

  • Chandelier with candles – a gift from the Medieval lifestyle is never odd or old-fashioned! People from this epoch used to have a big respect to rich dinners and solid breakfast. By adding some gloomy lighting, you also give a sophisticated element in a modern dining room. Install the chandelier away from the carpet, because wax stain carpet cleaning is really tough!

  • Hang art – no matter what kind of art you prefer at most, some elegant masterpiece can always look stunning above the rich dining table!

  • Vent system – practical solution to cool off in summer heats!

  • Family pictures – dining room is always linked to family, warm relationships, holidays and important events in the family. By adding family pictures you can put an accent of this message!

  • Paintings – it is not obligatory to look for an affordable remark of Dali or Picasso! A new artist piece of art is also good enough to beautify your dining room. Moreover – it is always good to support new talents!

  • Tented fabrics – some hippy style is never strange in the domestic environment, especially if you do it with a sense of style! Wash the improvised curtains regularly to preserve the lovely air!

These updating ideas are recommended for both – a new home place to move into or an old dining room, which needs renovations and improvements! Don’t hesitate to mix some of the conceptions – be creative and improvise!


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