Doubtless reasons to quit sugar

Doubtless reasons to quit sugarIn the past, confectioneries and sweets used to be accepted as rewards or special additions for special menus and holidays. Today, though, sugar products such as cakes, candies and pastries are all around us. They are even more wanted from kids, because they are always on display – on the pay-desk counter, in the school canteen instead of fruits and beneficial nutritive foods, they are everywhere!

Kids, however, aren’t the only ones, who go to extremes with sweets. Adults make the same mistake – they eat sugar foods at lunch and in a rush, they mix diets with sweets and they even encourage their kids to eat them. And you must finally realize something – sugar is harmful and noxious for health! Read a couple of doubtless reasons to quit sugar:

  • Sugar isn’t real food – sugar consists of empty calories. They are neither wholesome, nor recommended substitutes. These empty calories actually are injurious. They make body steal vitamins from important organs in order to digest sugar.

  • Sugar makes you fat – this isn’t a myth, but a proved fact from diarists and medical experts. The empty calories of sugar preserve perfectly in body adipose parts. Sugar products take more efforts to be loosened up!

  • Sugar makes you nervous and irritable – it causes spiritual inconvenience and it makes you exaggerating with small problems or challenges. Some office duties or housekeeping tasks (carpet treatment, tidying up and etc) will eventually look to you huge, if you are fed up with sugar! Plus – it kills your energy to overtake these activities.

  • Sugar causes dangerous disease – diabetes is the most typical and one of the most serious healthy injuries made by sweets! However, sugar can be responsible for heart and kidney related disease.

  • Sugar damages teeth and gums – it may become even worse, if you get periodontal disease.

  • Sugar accelerates aging – the sweet ingredient in sugar, fructose, damages cells 7 times faster that the ordinary speed of aging. Plus, sugar causes wrinkles and unlocks acne issues.

  • Sugar makes you become addicted to it – every product is harmful, if it creates tolerance to its usage! And all of these products suppress the immune system. So, does the sugar!

Scientists have come to conclusion that people, who quit sugar look 10 years younger, have twice less healthy problems and feel better!


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