How to remove a stain from an oriental carpet

Oriental carpet cleaningWhether you place it as a main décor in the dining room or you finish your Baroque interior design in the living room with it, an oriental carpet flavors the living environment with warmth, beauty and enigmatic touch. Oriental rugs and carpets are also known as Persian carpets and they are classical features of the gorgeous Asian culture. Bringing the magnificent air of this culture in your own home is an awesome investment you should really do!

However, buying such a great oriental carpet is not the end of the Asian culture maintenance at home. You should also get informed about how to keep the carpets and rugs in oriental style clean and fresh. See how to remove a stain from an oriental carpet, for instance! Remember the following cleaning tips, because accidents happen! Plus – carpet cleaning is something more than hoovering and vacuuming!

  • Liquid stains can be easily removed with a clean towel and some club soda. Apply on the oriental carpet a bit of the soda and then start scrubbing gently! Carpet cleaning was never easier with something so ordinary and common in our home – everyone drinks club soda, right?

  • You can also do the oriental carpet sanitising by dabbing the following homemade solution – mix equal parts of distilled water and white vinegar. If you don’t have distilled water by hand, use ordinary plain water.

  • When the oriental carpet is wet for a long time, it loosens its mechanical strength. That is why it is very important to dry the oriental carpet after disinfecting and removing the stain!

  • Pet or child’s urine can cause both – bad odour and bad stain! When you try to eliminate it, use some deodorising technique after carpet cleaning! You can also apply some essential oil to the recipes – few drops of the oil in the white vinegar and distilled water liquid, for example, is enough!

  • Food leftovers on your brand new oriental rug should be at first scraped and then sanitised! Use delicate tools, which can’t harm the decorative fibres – toothbrush or sponge!

  • New fatty or oily stains must be absorbed with a clean towel or some toilet paper at first! Then, disinfect and sanitise with ammonia, specialised detergent or lemon juice to prevent from bacteria and germ formation!

  • For small stains on your rug, you are recommended to use shampoo! Don’t foam too much, but let the cosmetic tool to soak into the oriental carpet for a quarter of an hour! Then rinse, dry and refresh with some disinfector again!

Apply these simple tips and be always prepared when some persistent stain appear on your oriental rugs!


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