Essentials of making your home look neat and tidy

Essentials of making your home look neat and tidyHaving and maintaining a well organised home can be a very difficult task. From time to time, it even seems impossible. There are ways, though, to cheat your guests. Your house can look neat and tidy even when you don’t manage to perform the regular domestic cleaning as you would like.

  • Hiding the stains. If you have any stains on the carpet or on the sofa, you must hide them. Sometimes it can be very hard to get rid of a stain. Sometimes you don’t have the money for a professional cleaning. If such things happen to you, you should move around the furniture or buy a few cushions in order to cover the damaged spot. Never leave the stains on display! They will be the first thing your guests would notice.

  • Optimal level of accessorising the interior. Scented candles or framed family pictures or little souvenirs on the shelves can really transform a room. But you need to be careful with these small items. The more you have of them, the more time you would need to clean and dust them. Try to find the right balance. You should have enough of these accessories to create the desired atmosphere and not too much so that they make the room seem messy each time you forget to clean.

  • Keeping things where they belong. Not taking the time to put away things where they belong is a huge mistake. Don’t leave your clothes on the sofa in the living room, or on the chairs in the dining room, or on the bed in the bedroom. Put them back in the wardrobe. If you have read some books, magazines or newspapers, don’t leave them scattered on the table.

There are plenty of tricks you can use to freshen up the appearance of your home. Regular cleaning is important. Unfortunately, time is rarely enough and this is why it is good to know a few ways to fool the eyes of your guests.


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