A man’s home is his castle

A man's home is his castleThis cliché is well known in every country in the world. People have different languages, habits, jobs and customs. In 21st century it almost doesn’t matter. In these hard times most of them experience a lot of stressful situations than ever before – stress at work, payment of bills, diseases all around us, terrorism, natural disasters…

An ordinary person finds a comfort and relaxation at home with his family. Being comfortable at home requires lovely family around, quiet and last but not least thoroughly cleaned and sparkling lodging.

Recent surveys of psychologists show really interesting connection between the human ease and the clean ambience. Contemporary psychological science explains what is the influence of the neat home on people’s minds. Different scientists all around the world commend experiments of two groups of people. The first group lived in apartments with no fresh air, dust, dirty floor and unclean windows. The second one lived in exemplary clean apartments.

Results of the researches indicate that:

  • People living in a dirty area are more depressed, worried and stressed. People living in an apartment with fresh air and clear windows prefer to wear green, yellow and white clothes. Scientists say that it means that people are happy and calm.

  • Adults in the clean lodging prefer having sex with their better half more often than the couples in the unclean apartments.

  • Children in the dirty homes are more aggressive than those in the clear ones. Children living in the tidier apartments have better marks at school than others.

  • Families in neat homes have more common activities and smile more often than others. Families living in unclean home quarrel perceptibly frequently.

  • Groups in dirty apartments had more respiratory problems than those in the clean apartments. Second group said that they were more energetic and highly enthusiastic.

Another research shows that people feel unpleasant of the fact that they should clean their homes by themselves.  Habitually, modern people are searching for variety of methods of easier domestic cleaning. They are looking about detergents with high quality, new more forceful vacuum cleaners and different efficient mops. Surveys also show that people prefer calling a professional cleaning company at most.

What about you? How do you feel when your home is perfectly sanitised?


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