Five dreadful things you must clean before moving out

Moving out cleaning

  1. Cleaning the toilet – although you do this on a weekly basis or more often, this doesn’t mean that doing it as a part of the end of the lease cleaning will be enjoyable; scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet is the dirtiest household chore ever; you will never get used to it to the point where you don’t mind doing it; yet it’s the one task you can’t use excuses, because dirty toilet is even more disgusting than cleaning it.

  1. Disinfecting the bathroom – another huge undertaking; it’s very time consuming as you have to disinfect the floor, walls, bath, shower enclosure, toilet, etc; all products for disinfection have a very strong and unpleasant odour that makes the job twice as repelling; you also have to wear rubber gloves and to be extremely cautious as any incidents with disinfectants can lead to different health issues.

  1. De-greasing the extractor fan in the kitchen– de-greasing is never pleasant or easy; while you have no other choice to de-grease the oven and microwave every couple of weeks, the extractor fan is usually cleaned very rarely; this means that once you decide to move out and it’s time for you to deal with the extractor fan, you will be facing weeks (or maybe months?) of grease and dirt; its shape will make it even more challenging – you can’t just pour some cleaning solution over it, you will probably need to spend quite some time wiping it by hand (rubbing it).

  1. Cleaning the windows – the reason why you might be unwilling to do this is not because it’s some kind of hard labour; even on the contrary- it’s among the easiest things you will have to do; yet, it can be very time-consuming especially if you have lived in a house; the worst part is that if you don’t have enough experience in wiping the windows, you will probably have to do it at least twice – most beginners tend to leave a lot of visible stains.

  1. Effacing the switches and sockets – most people underestimate cleaning the switches and sockets and this is the main reason they end up hating it; you may think that it will be easy to rub something so small but you don’t realise how many of these you have at home; you have to go from room to room and take the time to deal with every single socket and switch.

Some household chores may be determined as really dreadful, but somehow you must do them. If you can’t even imagine yourself performing them, call a professional company!


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