Cleaning your makeup accessories

Cleaning your makeup accessoriesMakeup and making up in the most contemporary or original methods is a part of every woman, teenage girl or business lady daily routine! Makeup synchronizes natural beauty and lines with posh outfits or traditional everyday dressing! A home area always has a particular place that is strictly created for these important 20 minutes in a woman’s day! Being talented in makeup applying or knowing the most modern technique for covering faults from a face, though, are not the only essential parts in correct making up! In case you have forgotten, we would like to remind you that hygiene is also important! Maintaining your makeup accessories is not only about maintaining the order and cleanliness in your house! It is also a sign for a good and solid individual hygiene! See some really easy and fair tips for cleaning makeup accessories task:

  • Sanitize the area, when you finish with your daily makeup! Insert this cleaning chore in your domestic daily routine or do it right away, when you finish with foundation and mascara applying! Brush the powder from the dressing table and get rid of the dust near your cosmetic! After all, you put these makeup products on your face – do more for your health and reduce the germs on your skin and from your organism!

  • Disinfect the hair removal belongings and clean the tweezers carefully! These makeup accessories cause mini wounds on your skin, so make sure that they are perfectly cleaned and sanitized! Use hot water and baking soda for this chore or some white vinegar and mild soapy product!

  • Clean your makeup sponge and the brashes – block the sink up and pour some soft dishwashing soap into hot water. Drop the makeup sponges inside it and let them soak for a few seconds. Then, take each and start swishing and squeezing them till the foundation or powder is removed! Use your fingers and delicate brush to reduce the germs and brush with some white vinegar or ammonia! Finally empty the sink, and rinse the makeup sponges with cold water! Let them dry and use them again as they are brand new!

  • Once in a while add your makeup bag or case to the laundry! Make sure you have rinsed it in advance, because powder ingredients from eye shadow may ruin your clothes from the common laundry! You can wash the makeup case by hand too – soak it and scrub with a toothbrush!


3 thoughts on “Cleaning your makeup accessories

    • Yes, you’re right! Therefore you should clean your brushes and other makeup accessories on a regular basis if you want to avoid allergies!

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