Cleaning solutions with baking soda

Baking soda in CleaningDifferent cleaning solutions cope with different annoying, but important, cleaning chores. It is good to have alternatives for reducing the dust or grime at home. Furthermore – it is also truly great to be ready to cope with accidents and emergent cleaning duties such as stain removal tactics or quick checklist for pre-party cleaning. However, there are cleaning products and strategies that can actually work with everything – dust, grime, refreshment, hygiene restoration or just sanitising!

Baking soda, for instance, is a universal cleanser that deals with almost all kinds of filth or germs! It is a general home cleaning solution, which is perfect for both – domestic routine cleaning and deep one off cleaning whether it is an occasional or seasonal one! For instance, Summer cleaning must be an agenda duty for you now, why don’t you use baking soda to refresh the entire house and prepare it for the upcoming holiday and days-off. Check out the most common cleaning solutions with baking soda:

  • Sanitising surfaces – sprinkle a little bit of ammonia and then wipe the surface with an ordinary kitchen sponge!

  • Bathroom disinfection – baking soda is perfect cleanser for tiles, gaps, bathtub, shower and toilet seat! You can actually sanitise the entire bathroom with less than 5 pounds expense!

  • Soapy ammonia cleanser is a great cleaning product for your dish washing machine. You can even do the dishes by hand with it!

  • Disinfecting the cleaning equipment – sponges, cloths, microfibers, mops and brushes.

  • Laundering the curtains.

  • Removal of dust mites and cleaning the mattresses.

  • De-greasing the oven – add some lemon juice and your oven will shine from cleanliness!

  • Stain removal from carpets, cloths, clothes and other home interior parts.

  • Reviving the furniture brilliance.

  • Addition to a cleanser for upholstery cleaning.

  • Preparation for comprehensive vacuuming – sprinkle ammonia, wait for an hour and then vacuum the dirtiness!

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